Tandem Rigs

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Our tandem rigs feature a 1/0 3-way swivel with a 14' and a 4' 100# mono leader attaching to parachutes. Pre-rigged and ready to fish! Choose from the many options below, or call to custom-build your own! Also available "naked" to build your own!

Available in:

2oz. x 1oz. w/4" Shad
3oz. x 1oz. w/6" & 4" Shad (6" shad rigged onto larger parachute)
3oz. x 2oz. w/6" Shad
3oz. x 2oz. w/ 9" & 6" Shad (9" shad rigged onto larger parachute)
6oz. x 2oz. w/9" & 6" Shad (9" shad rigged onto larger parachute)
5oz. x 3oz. w/9" Shad
6oz. x 3oz. w/9" Shad
7oz. x 3oz. w/9" Shad
8oz. x 4oz. w/9" Shad
10oz. x 6oz. w/9" Shad
12oz. x 8oz. w/9" Shad
16oz. x 3oz. w/9" Shad
24oz. x 6oz. w/9" Shad
32oz. x 8oz. w/9" Shad


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 17 × 6 in

2×1 loaded w/4" Shad, 3×1 loaded w/6" & 4" shad, 3×2 loaded w/6" Shad, 3×2 loaded w/9" & 6" Shad, 6×2 loaded w/9" & 6" Shad, 5×3 loaded w/9" shad, 6×3 loaded w/9" shad, 7×3 loaded w/9" shad, 8×4 loaded w/9" shad, 10×6 loaded w/9" shad, 12×8 loaded w/9" shad, 16×3 loaded w/9" shad, 24×6 loaded w/9" shad, 32×8 loaded w/9" shad


White, Chartreuse


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