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Known as a deadly offshore fish attractor, these premium skirts are the “go to” lure of many charter captains as well as anglers all over the east coast. The JAG has a 3-1/4 ounce powder coated bullet shaped head with large eyes and a skirt made from hair and bling.

These skirts have proven results catching monster Wahoo, Blue Fin Tuna, and other big game predators. They are heavy enough to run deep for added vertical spread and are about 9-inches in total length. They are sold unrigged in a protective plastic tube but are also available rigged. Custom Colors Always Welcome!


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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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    Our JAG skirts have been the go-to skirt for many Captains as well as anglers along the east coast for years. Now available in 8 oz., sure to be a large Tuna & Wahoo magnet. Made using only the finest fibers available. 9” overall length. Custom Colors Always Welcome!

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    Rigged JAG

    Our bad-ass JAG series just got even better! Take time
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    One of the latest innovations from Blue Water Candy, the JAG-A-HOO is possibly one of the most versatile offshore lures to hit the shelf. Based on the principle of a “Wahoo Bomb”, the JAG-A-HOO combines a trimmed down, compact version of Blue Water Candy’s most popular wahoo lures (JAG), and a large, gold spinner blade. Rigged on 275 lb. cable with an 9/0 Mustad® hook and terminated with a 900 lb. solid ring. The JAG-A-HOO is effective trolled both at slower and high speeds, from 5-12 kts. It also excels as a casting bait. The lure is held in place with a fixed crimp to ensure it does not slide up the leader, providing a perfect presentation each cast. Throw JAG-A-HOO to the horizon, let her sink, and crank like mad… you better be holding on!

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