Instigator Dredge Skirt

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A torpedo-shaped head tied with a combination of hair and bling designed by Blue Water Candy specifically for natural dredges. The extra large hole allows for sliding over haywire twists on pin rigs with ease. This permits ease of changing of  colors and easy removal for clean-up of all parts of the dredge. The head features molded eyes incased in urethane so that eyes do not wash out, and since there is no paint to chip, these heads hold up to the rigors of being used day after day. OFTEN used as nose baits on ballyhoo rigs and in daisy chains. 1 ounce in weight, 9 inches in length. Custom Colors Always Welcome!


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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in

Purple/Black, Orange/Black, Blue/Chartreuse, Blue/Light Blue/Crystal, Blue/Black w/Crystal Strip, Green/Chartreuse w/Pink Strip, Crystal w/Red Strip, Crystal on Silver Head, Pink, Green/Black, Pink/Crystal, Red/Black


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