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How it All Began

For 23 years Captain Jodie Gay knew the rewards that came when everything you put in the water was just right. Captain Jodie specialized in hook-and-line fishing in the open ocean, trolling for Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, & King Mackerel in pretty much the same way sport fishermen do. He also made money bottom fishing for Grouper & Snapper. By the time he decided to quit commercial fishing in 2002, Jodie Gay had figured out a thing or two about what kind of rigs & techniques helped fill up a fish box.

Commercial or Sport, the Rigs are the same

“I wanted to get off the ocean and spend more time at home” is how Captain Jodie explains his decision to quit the commercial fishing life. But he didn’t leave the business empty-handed. The result of Jodie’s 2 decades on the water is Blue Water Candy, a fast growing line of tackle that has quickly attracted a devoted following among recreational anglers, charter boat captains, and tournament pros.

A Family Affair

Several things make BWC a different kind of Tackle Company. First, it’s a family business. Jodie, his wife Terry, daughter Jessica, and son-in-law Russell make most of the products themselves in a warehouse attached to their home in Hampstead, NC. Jodie’s two grandchildren are also there daily to make sure everyone stays on task! There are also three other full-time employees that work at the warehouse. As the orders have increased, the BWC family has grown larger to include a network of part-time employees who work in their own home making rigs to the same standards set by Captain Jodie. The extended family includes stay-at-home moms, commercial fishermen, and charter boat mates stuck on the hill in the off season.

Made in the USA

Quality is another thing that distinguishes BWC products. In a world where most fishing tackle is imported and/or assembled by people who wouldn’t know the difference between a Tuna & a cuckoo clock, it’s a breath of fresh air that one company is doing things the right way. “A rig”, says Captain Jodie, “is as bad as the weakest joint in it. You can’t have 5 good crimps and 1 bad one. With that, you’ve got nothing but a bad rig.” Just to make sure that doesn’t happen, every BWC knot & crimp is double checked to be tight. BWC uses only the highest quality materials in everything they make, whether it’s a small Feather Weight skirt, or a 6 arm titanium dredge rigged with 48 lead-headed skirts. The skirts and witch-style lures are tied by hand, one at a time, in the USA, as are all of the pre-tied ballyhoo and bottom fishing rigs. Even as demand for his tackle keeps growing, Captain Jodie says it’s going to stay that way!

The Bling is the Thing

At first glance, BWC dredges, skirts, jigs, daisy chains, & bottom rigs may look familiar, but fish don’t just glance at a bait. Remember, the fish is inspecting it in his element, not some fluorescent-lit sporting goods store. Look closer at a BWC skirt and you’ll see what Capt. Jodie calls bling. “Most companies make their skirts with nylon hair only,” he says. “We liven it up with the bling-bling. It gives it life and adds that flash to attract attention.” When the fish are hungry and stupid they might bite anything, but the difference shows up on a slow day. That’s when one of our products with the bling-bling will out fish the others four-to-one. BWC skirts and witch-style lures are available for you to rig yourself, or you can buy them pre-rigged on fluorocarbon, wire, or monofilament.

Stock, Custom, & More

For spinning and casting-rod terminal tackle, BWC has a line of surf and bottom rigs for Drum, Grouper, Black Sea Bass, Cobia, and other fish that require a strong connection on the business end of your line. BWC is the only maker of horse ballyhoo rigs, designed especially for giant Blue Fin Tuna. These feature 10/0 and 11/0 hooks tied on either 330# or 220# fluorocarbon.

A Toothy Testing Lab: BWC’s SKA Fishing Team

Jodie Gay may have retired from commercial fishing, but he still gets out on the water to test some of his designs in the demanding world of the SKA King Mackerel tournament circuit. Since 2007 Team BWC has been among the top fishing teams for the SKA Mercury Trail for small boat class, winning several tournaments and having top finishes at the SKA Nationals. Most recently, Team BWC won the 2013 Sneads Ferry Rotary Club KMT with a 52 pounder, and placed first in the 23’ and under Division 1 series.

Try on one of BWC’s Skirts for REEL Men

Before your next fishing trip, why not order a variety of BWC rigs from your local tackle shop? Put them to the test yourself. WE think you will consistently get more hookups, and put more fish in the boat, due to the quality of our products. Try them and you’ll know why we say Reel Men get their skirts (and other lures) from Blue Water Candy!

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